Thala Grey

Thala Grey marble

Thala Grey, also known as Royal Grey, is a stone of a uniform grey colour crossed by dark veining and lighter salt deposits. Biocalcarenite is the technical name for this kind of stone which consists of microfossils or fragments of fossils kept together by fine grain limestone material sedimented in an underwater environment.

Thala Grey is a resistant marble, generally used for floors, vertical coverings, staircases and furniture. Blocks present an internal stratified variety of grey tones, sometimes alternating with yellow ones.

Excellent results can also be obtained from the external parts of the blocks which have a natural split surface characterised by considerable flatness and chromatic variety. In our catalogue the stone is presented in these six finishes: brushed, bush hammered, polished, micro bush hammered and brushed, honed and sand blasted. View the specific page at this link for more information.

At this link you can see a staircase made of Thala Grey marble.

Data sheet:

Marmo Thala Grey Country of origin: Tunisia
Type of material: Marble
Background color: Gray with dark veins
Carico di rottura a compressione: 1025 kg/cm2
Compression breaking load: 199 kg/cm2
Water inhibition coefficient: 1,45%
Impact resistance, minimum height of fall: 38 cm
Friction wear: 3,5mm
Weight per volume unit: 2620 kg/m3