Our production phases

Our production phases

Selezione dei blocchi di marmo Taglio in lastre

1. Selection of blocks

The selection of blocks, in quarries all over the world, is made through the careful examination of the blocks themselves according to parameters of density, chromatic choice and size.

Their classification, according to a conventional parameter, includes squared blocks, semi squared blocks and, in certain cases, monoliths of various sizes.

Special attention must be paid to the project for which the blocks are being selected, taking into consideration the potential production of the quarries, especially in the case of stone products which have no-standard size.

If the final product has a static function, the examination and assessment of the blocks must be accurate in order to pinpoint every little fracture or any discontinuities, checking for traces of humidity which can remain on the surface during the natural drying process of the blocks; with sedimentary or metamorphic rocks great attention must be paid to the presence of cavities, inclusions that have re-cemented and porosities.

The chromatic selection is also particularly important; apart from the subjective choice, it is essential that the blocks are free from intrusions that the atmospheric agents could oxidize or dissolve, causing undesired chromatic effects.

2. Slab cutting

The blocks selected by our specialized staff members are transported to our firm’s premises, where they are cut into slabs by means of multi-wire, multi-blade machines or diamond discs.

During this phase a further selection of the slabs is possible as flaws not detected when selecting the blocks can now be evident.

A choice of finishes can now be carried out on the rough surface; polished, honed, bush hammered, flamed, sand blasted, chiselled finishes are among the most popular.

Finitura su misura Posa in opera

3. Customized finish

At this stage the finished slabs are cut to size according to the client’s requirements which may include door and window frames, floors, kitchen tops, wall and stairs coverings, fireplaces and many other final products.

4. Installation

A correct installation is what ensures the lasting-quality of marbles, granites and stones which have been and still are widely employed in the interiors and exteriors of private houses , offices, commercial areas and monuments.

Along with selling the material and processing the final product, Toscoveneta Marmi e Graniti can guarantee an efficient service of assistance and installation on any building site.